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Custom Keyboard Case

CustomTonClavier provides you with all the accessories you need to improve the performance and aesthetics of your computer keyboard. Do not hesitate to choose our store for the purchase and delivery at the best price of the mechanical keyboard case as well as several other products.


Why use a mechanical keyboard box?

The custom mechanical keyboard box is a frame into which all the internal components of the keyboard can fit. It can be sold alone or included in a special custom kit. At the base of the box, there are rubber pads which minimize accidental movements. You also receive, upon delivery, all the screws necessary to secure the case and all the keyboard elements together.

The custom keyboard case plays an important role in the sensations when using the keys. It influences the angle of your hands when typing and thus provides a more pleasant experience. The fret also acts like the body of a musical instrument to shape and amplify the sound of the keyboard.

The different types of mechanical keyboard cases in our store

CustomTonClavier offers a varied range of boxes for mechanical keyboards . To choose the appropriate box, take into account the size of your keyboard and the corresponding PCB type. After checking these items, you can now select the type of material you want for your custom mechanical keyboard.

More accessible in terms of price, the ABS plastic mechanical keyboard case is lightweight and portable. It is compatible with the GH60 PCB and is available in several colors (white, black, blue, pink, transparent, etc.). Its maintenance is also easy to carry out.

More expensive, the wooden mechanical keyboard case is very popular with users of high-end devices. In addition to its great resistance, its weight and the feeling of natural warmth it provides make it very aesthetic. In our store, you can opt for rosewood or walnut. This type of case is compatible with GH60, GH61 and GH64 PCBs.

Apart from the boxes for custom keyboards , you will find other accessories on CustomTonClavier at the best price in our store such as the custom keyboard kit , keycaps, etc.

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