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PCB Keyboard

The keyboard PCB is ideal for people who use computer, PC, etc. It is a circuit board in the keyboard of a computer or device. When you press the keys, switches soldered to the PCB emit electrical pulses to decode your input into visual output. At Custom Ton Clavier you will find different keyboard PCBs in a variety of sizes and layouts.


What type of keyboard PCB to choose?

There are different types of keyboard PCBs designed to accommodate multiple functionalities.

The ergonomic keyboard PCB

This type of PCB aims to cushion the pressure of frequent typing on the wrist and the problems that accompany it. Ergonomic keyboard PCB design allows hands to be tilted with a natural movement.

The flexible keyboard printed circuit

This is a keyboard PCB that has the functionality of standard keyboards. However, it comes on a flexible substrate. Don't hesitate to order a keyboard stabilizer to ensure a better typing or gaming experience .

The flexible keyboard PCB allows the keyboard to be easily stored while traveling or for outdoor use.

The gaming keyboard PCB

Built to support extended use, this type of keyboard PCB has an ergonomic design and LED lighting. The gaming keyboard PCB is manufactured with a rigid substrate capable of withstanding any mechanical stress from repeated keystrokes.

PCB wireless keyboard and PCB laptop keyboard

The non-wired keyboard PCB does not have a cable connection to your computer's central processing unit. It communicates with the computer via Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi or infrared. This type of keyboard PCB does not require a soldering process to be performed, as a switch can simply be replaced. The wireless keyboard PCB allows for crisper control and response when using the keyboard.

The laptop keyboard PCB, which is slimmer in design, fits the laptop with a smaller shape. This tool supports more keys than a standard keyboard PCB.

The mechanical keyboard PCB

Robust and low cost, the mechanical keyboard PCB can be used for years without wear. Here, keys are pressed individually against mechanical keys on the circuit boards that simulate actual keystrokes.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Keyboard PCB

The following factors must be considered:

  • the app,
  • the quality of the advice,
  • compatibility with the software ,
  • the size and layout of the keyboard,
  • the possibility of working with mechanical switches,
  • the type of connection (wireless, via USB or Bluetooth).

Most keyboard PCBs feature configurable RGB lighting . It is therefore necessary to ensure that they have reliable software support to access these features.

Mechanical Switches in Keyboard PCBs

These mechanical switches (also called switches) are soldered directly on the card. Although there are different types, they share the same essential components of a slider, a leaf spring, and another spring. These three elements are placed in the switch housing with the switch stem. This rod connects the switch to the cap that is on the outside of the housing. The leaf spring is a tiny metal object shaped like an inverted U. It sits on the edge of the case. A straight piece of metal not connected to the leaf spring protrudes from the housing.

Custom Ton Clavier, your best keyboard PCB supplier!

The keyboard PCB is a part that requires rigorous construction and manufacturing due to its unique characteristics. Are you a business, gamer or student looking for an original keyboard PCB for your laptop? You are in the right place to have quality products at affordable prices.

Custom Ton Clavier also personalizes mechanical keyboards for more original keys. Browse the available stock of products to benefit from a reduction on the first order and don't hesitate to leave your opinions.

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