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Artisan Keycaps

Mechanical keyboards are becoming more and more popular, especially with the possibility of customization. Many users are looking for keycaps with unique designs inspired by either the science fiction universe or their real lives.

This perpetual search for personalization pushes brands to surpass themselves by offering original keyboards. This is particularly the case of CustomTonClavier which provides its customers with its Artisan Keycaps collection, which perfectly combines art and practicality.


CustomTonClavier: the specialist in customizing mechanical keyboards

Are you looking for a customized mechanical keyboard or keyboard with a particular design for your personal use or for advertising? CustomTonClavier is the service provider you need. Our company was founded by people passionate about customizing keyboards. We specialize in creating and selling keycaps with unique designs and innovative features.

At CustomTonClavier, we don't just follow customization trends. We create them with its competent and experienced designers. The products we offer provide an unparalleled user experience. Our goal is to push the boundaries of innovation by offering original mechanical keyboards for its customers.

Artisan Keycaps

Find sets of customized keyboard keys with characters from cinema, manga, games, etc. We offer numerous collections of customized keyboards, including MX Keycaps , Azerty Keycaps and Artisan Keycaps. This includes artistic keyboard keys or caps hand-designed by artisans who are passionate about creation. They are generally manufactured in small series and sold individually. The customized keyboard keys from the Artisan Keycaps collection are therefore rare pieces that are difficult to find on the market. However, you can get them in our online store at attractive prices, including a reduction on shipping costs.

With the perfect fusion of technology and craftsmanship, the Artisan Keycaps collection offers an experience that goes beyond conventional aesthetics. Each keyboard becomes an interactive canvas, which allows you to express your uniqueness.

Customized keyboard keys from the Artisan Keycaps collection

The CustomTonClavier Artisan Keycaps collection includes various original products made in workshops by experienced professionals.

Customized products available

Do you want to replace your mechanical keyboard with a set of custom keycaps? The Artisan Keycaps Sword Link may interest you. This is a very high quality artisanal cap or key inspired by the world of video games, and more particularly Zelda. It represents the legendary sword of the main character of the game, cut down to the smallest detail. The nuances of color, complicated reliefs and impeccable finish bring this piece to life.

Each stroke of the Artisan Sword Link key plunges you back into the world of this intrepid hero and recounts his exploits. To make this handcrafted cap we used electroplating and screen printing. We then applied a coat of paint by hand to obtain the final result. The Artisan Keycaps Sword Link comes in the format R4 — Esc key. You can use it with the majority of keyboards that have Cherry MX type switches .

Artisan Keycaps

The Box Monster is another addition to CustomTonClavier's Artisan Keycaps collection. It takes the form of a little animated monster that seems to emerge from the keyboard key, with a wide open mouth where you can see sharp teeth. The Artisan Keycaps Box Monster is distinguished by its playful and whimsical appearance. However, it is not just a simple work of visual art. This keycap is also very practical and pleasant to use. The key is printed in photosensitive resin, polished and painted by hand. With its R4 format — Esc key, the Box Monster is also compatible with most mechanical keyboards that have Cherry MX type switches.

The particularities of the personalized keyboard keys of our Artisan collection

The Artisan Keycaps collection is characterized by the diversity of designs. Every key is carefully designed by talented artists. This offers a wide variety of designs, themes and styles. This diversity allows you to personalize the keyboard according to your tastes and preferences. Compatibility is also one of the particularities of the products in the Artisan Keycaps collection. They adapt to different types of keyboards , as long as they have mechanical switches like Cherry MX RED.

Limited editions and exclusive collaborations also make each Artisan Keycap unique. Certain models, created in partnership with renowned designers, take on a more important artistic dimension. They thus become prized collector's items. Our Artisan Keycaps collection attracts many lovers of personalized keyboard keys. Come and get your touch at the best price on our site.

Artisan Custom Keyboard Keycaps

Why buy personalized keyboard keys from the Artisan Keycaps collection at CustomTonClavier?

The choice of personalized keys on a keyboard should not be made at random. You must make sure to opt for quality, durable, aesthetic products at the best price. By purchasing them from CustomTonClavier, you benefit from many advantages.

Expertise and creativity

At CustomTonClavier, we make a point of offering personalized keys to enhance your mechanical keyboard . We combine expertise and creativity to design unique and very aesthetic products. The keyboard keys in the Artisan Keycaps collection are designed with high-quality materials like resin, which offer exceptional durability and incredible precision in detail.

Accessible prices

The excellent value for money of our Artisan Keycaps collection is another advantage of purchasing your artisan set from CustomTonClavier. You can have your personalized keyboard without spending a lot of money. The prices of the Artisan Keycaps Sword Link and Box Monster available in our online store are the best on the market.

Artisan Keycaps Custom Keyboard Keys

The accessibility of the collection's artisanal touches is due to our efficient cost management and commitment to customer satisfaction. We also offer a discount on online ordering. You can transform your workspace with an affordable and original handcrafted keycap .

Competent customer service

Our customer service team, made up of experts who are passionate about customizing mechanical keyboards, supports and guides you throughout the entire purchasing process. We answer all questions and give advice on the right craft keycap for different mechanical keyboards. Your satisfaction being our top priority, we do everything we can to ensure that you find the perfect handcrafted keycap for your keyboard in our collection. You can also give our products as a gift to your loved ones.

Delivery is also free for purchases over €60 anywhere in France. Contact us now to order personalized keys from the Artisan Keycaps collection at attractive prices.

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