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Azerty Keycaps

The computer keyboard plays an important role in the user experience offered by the machine. Many users choose to personalize their mechanical keyboard using keycaps.

This is a set of original keys available in the CustumTonClavier store. We offer you a wide choice of azerty keycaps at the best price to change the appearance of your computer keyboard. Visit our site to find the model that suits you.


Keyboard custom: why choose keycaps?

Several reasons can explain the choice of azerty keycaps according to users. A new set of keys for its mechanical keyboard allows you to:

  • customize the device,
  • improve typing response and experience,
  • benefit from a resistant and durable keyboard,
  • install a custom layout,
  • change the sound of computer keys.

Thanks to the azerty keycaps, you can change the appearance of your keyboard . You can select your favorite model from touches of different colors, designs and materials. This will allow you to match the computer to your style or create a one-of-a-kind custom.

AZERTY keycaps

Changing mechanical keyboard keys can significantly influence your typing experience. A set of azerty keycaps with a specific profile or made from a given material can make use more pleasant and comfortable. Opt for keys specially designed for ergonomics . Keycaps with a smooth, flat profile help improve typing speed.

Replacement key materials may also be of higher quality. You then get a keyboard with well-printed legends (letters and symbols) that last longer. This is a particularly important criterion if you use computer keys a lot for gaming, for example. Offered at the best price, the azerty keycaps from our store maintain their appearance over time, as evidenced by our customer reviews.

To play certain games on a computer, specialized keys for non-standard keyboard layouts are not necessary. They can also be specific to certain software to facilitate the use of complex features.

A custom azerty keycap can finally improve the sound emitted by the keyboard when typing. Depending on the materials used, you may have a quieter and softer response or, on the contrary, a louder and more satisfying click. It depends on your needs and desires. Whatever happens, you will find on CustomTonClavier the azerty keycap that will improve your experience with your computer . Choose your model at the best price now, we will send it to you as soon as possible.

Which set of azerty keycaps should you choose to personalize the keys on your keyboard?

We have in stock at attractive prices, azerty keycaps which stand out for their color and design. These are quality products designed to be compatible with the keys on your mechanical keyboard.

Keycaps Azerty FR

Keycaps azerty EV-00

This version of azerty keycaps is made from double shot PBT plastic, which gives a good thickness to the keys. These also have an anti-grease coating for optimal comfort. With the azerty EV-00 keycaps , you can give a robotic look to your computer keyboard.

This product is compatible with most keyboards with mechanical switches such as Cherry MX RED, Gateron, Outemu, Kailh, etc. It is adaptable in SO or ISO. On delivery, you receive a pack containing a set of 157 keycaps with the “space” key included and a key puller.

EV-01 azerty keycaps

With its purple and green keys, the Keycaps azerty EV-01 brings a truly special design to the keyboard. They are also designed in PBT and double shot. You can use this set of keycaps on a mechanical keyboard in Cherry MX RED, Outemu, Gateron, Kailh format... The product can be adapted in ISO or SO and is delivered by our store with a key extractor to facilitate the facility.

Keycaps azerty EV-02

Dominated by the color red, the set of azerty EV-02 keycaps is perfect for giving some pep to the keys of a mechanical keyboard. Its Cherry MX RED format offers the user comfort and fluidity. It is also compatible with keyboards such as Gateron, Kailh, Outemu, etc.

This keyboard model has great resistance thanks to the quality of their manufacturing material (double shot PBT). They easily adapt to your French keyboard in SO or ISO. Available in stock in our store, a key extractor accompanies the product on delivery to simplify the task for the user.

Azerty Futurist Keycaps

Ideal for giving a modern and futuristic style to the mechanical keyboard, the azerty futurist keycaps opt for an XDA format. However, it is compatible with Cherry MX RED, Gateron, Kailh, Outemu, etc. keyboards.

AZERTY Keycaps

With its three colors of black, white and green, this keyboard model offers original customization. The keycaps are made of high quality thick PBT and double shot. For this model, you will receive a set of 129 keycaps as well as a keycap puller.

Many other models are available in stock in our store such as the Keycaps ISO FR collection offering a simple and elegant design . The keycaps are made of varied materials such as PBT or ABS with many colors and patterns.

CustomTonClavier, the specialist in personalizing azerty keycaps

Do you want to personalize your mechanical keyboard with a unique design ? CustomTonClavier presents itself as the ideal choice. We offer you the opportunity to choose a unique design azerty keycaps model to customize your computer.

With the different keycaps that we offer, you will have the opportunity to give a trendy and colorful look to your PC. Come personalize your keyboard by opting for one of our azerty keycaps that we offer at the best price.

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