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Custom Keyboard

The performance of mechanical keyboards no longer needs to be presented in the world of gaming or in the professional environment. They offer an incomparable typing experience. Their strength and durability are highly appreciated by consumers.

Did you know that these peripherals become even more interesting when they are personalized with high-quality accessories? CustomTonClavier offers you here a complete collection to offer you the mechanical keyboard that suits you.


A wide choice of customized mechanical keyboards for all tastes

Many consumers find customizing mechanical keyboards to be a burdensome exercise. You have to think about the layout of the keys and the choice of different components, the colors, etc. For this user profile, we offer already customized keyboards at very competitive prices. These accessories are also perfect for consumers who are not very discerning when it comes to design.

Custom Mechanical Keyboard

If you prefer a simple custom keyboard with keys of two or three colors at most, you will find the ideal model for you on our store. The customized mechanical keyboards that we offer for sale are designed to meet the different tastes of consumers in terms of elegance and comfort of use. You can find a compact 70% format model in our collection. If you need a keyboard with numeric keys, you will find 96% format models on the CustomTonClavier store. They also allow you to save space on your desk for a gaming mouse.

The customized mechanical keyboards that we offer are also equipped with other modern features that guarantee appreciable comfort of use . You can find in our collection a keyboard with three connectivity modes (USB-C, Bluetooth 5.1 and 2.4 GHz). Each custom keyboard comes with the essential components such as the USB-C cable and a 2.4 GHz dongle.

You can choose an accessory with hot swappable Hotswap switches or with Gateron G Pro switches. All our keyboards are compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS operating systems, etc. They can be used for gaming and for any other demanding needs .

Personalize your mechanical keyboard with our range of keycaps

We offer a rich keycaps collection to meet the needs and tastes of all consumers.

On our online store, you can find a set with a color palette that suits you. We offer AZERTY keycaps adaptable to ANSI or ISO format. The keys are made of thick, high quality PTB (Polybutylene Terephthalate) with an anti-grease coating. You can also find a set of ISO FR keycaps in Cherry format on our store if you want your keyboard to be personalized with a practical, simple and elegant style. These accessories are also compatible with mechanical keyboards that have MX RED, Gateron, Outemu, Kailh switches, etc.

Custom keyboard collection

Don't hesitate to browse our catalog to find the set of keycaps that best suits your desires. You can also discover the characteristics of each accessory in detail to make your choice easily.

If you want to add a touch of originality to your mechanical keyboard with a rare and exceptional keycap, we invite you to discover our “Artisan Keycap” collection. Personalize your keyboard with an Esc (esc) key in R4 format with a quality handcrafted keycap that you can find in our store. These original keys are compatible with different ranges of keyboards equipped with Cherry MX type switches.

Mechanical keyboard switches, ensuring comfort of use

Extend the life of your keys with quality switches that offer a very enjoyable typing experience. We offer durable switches (between 50 and 100 million clicks) of linear type. There are also tactile Cherry switches in our collection. For each mechanical keyboard switch we offer, the activation distance is optimal. This ensures a satisfactory user experience under all circumstances.

On our store, you will find a high-performance switch to replace a defective button with ease. This allows you to save money and equip your keyboard with a more durable component. We sell these accessories at the best price on the market.

The switches are available in different colors to choose from. They have a 5 pin PCB socket . The actuation force of the swicthes we offer varies from 45 to 60 grams, depending on the model. Whether for gaming or another professional activity, you benefit from great ergonomics and a typing experience that boosts your speed and that of your device.

Custom keyboard

Custom keyboard collection: other essential accessories

In our store there is a complete range of accessories to personalize your mechanical keyboard from A to Z. We are selling a collection of:

  • cables,
  • PCB,
  • stabilizers,
  • flat,
  • boxes,
  • keyboard kits…

If you want to build a custom keyboard of 60% or more size , our store offers PCBs with a complete RGB LED system. Models with a standard ICSP interface work with a USB Type-C cable. Our products support offline Flash application and have hot-swappable switches. You can add a compatible keyboard plate to this accessory to create a device entirely suited to your desires.

We provide you with different ranges of mechanical keyboard cases if you want to treat yourself to a designer and original accessory. CustomTonClavier offers products made from ecological materials such as walnut wood or rosewood. You also have the opportunity to purchase a quality ABS plastic mechanical keyboard case from our store. We deliver these keyboard components with rubber pads and complete hardware to mount them.

If you are an RGB lover, add a touch of light and design to your mechanical keyboard with a kit from our collection. We offer 75% PCB models that are compatible with all types of switches (Cherry, Gateron, kailh, etc.). On the kits we sell, the switches are hot swappable and the RGB LED system covers the entire PCB. For wireless use, our equipment is equipped with a battery with a power of up to 5,000 mAh .

Whatever you need to create the custom keyboard that suits your taste, you will find what you are looking for in the collection of the CustomTonClavier store. Browse our catalog to discover in detail what we offer for customizing your mechanical keyboard

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