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Keyboard Stabilizer

Keyboard stabilizers are very useful accessories for mechanical keyboards. With the frequency of use of certain keys such as the space bar, equipping your keyboard with an effective stabilizer promotes a smooth and noise-free typing experience. You can find this type of product at an affordable price at Custom Ton Clavier.


How does the keyboard stabilizer work?

The mechanical keyboard stabilizer easily installs under larger keys like spacebar, enter, shift, backspace and some numpad keys. It is a component that guarantees them consistent operation, no matter where the user presses.

Keyboard stabilizers have metal wires that run under the corresponding keys. They have a metal hook to hold them on each side, or are placed directly into the stem. This wire allows the distribution of the striking force over the entire surface of the key concerned.

Without a stabilizer, keys like the space bar could tilt or wobble when not pressed directly at their center. In addition to an unpleasant typing experience, this may eventually damage the switch. So don't hesitate to choose your mechanical keyboard stabilizer from Custom Ton Clavier, the specialist in accessories for computer keyboards.

What type of keyboard stabilizer to choose?

There are generally 4 types of keyboard stabilizers :

  • the screw stabilizer,
  • the clip-on stabilizer,
  • The stabilizer mounted on plate,
  • The costar stabilizer.

Equipped with a screw that attaches directly to the keyboard circuit board, the screw stabilizer is loved by many users. It provides a solid connection that minimizes unwanted fingerboard movement.

The clip-on stabilizer can also be installed directly on the printed circuit. It does, however, use clips for attachment, making installation and replacement easier than screw-in stabilizers.

Plate-mounted stabilizers are installed on a mechanical keyboard plate , not on the circuit. They can pick up additional noise even when the user presses other keys. Installation and maintenance are also simpler to carry out.

The Costar stabilizer mounts to the keyboard plate, but does not have the movable stem or housing of Cherry style stabilizers. Rather, it has hooks for easy attachment of the wire to the caps and board.

Custom Ton Clavier offers you the delivery of a wide range of keyboard stabilizers sold at attractive prices. You can also find other useful accessories in stock such as the Keyboard Plate , Keypacs, etc.

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