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MX Keycaps

Personalize Your Keyboard with MX Custom Keycaps: A Complete Guide

Learn how to transform your typing experience with custom MX keycaps . Mechanical keyboards equipped with Cherry MX or compatible switches can be fully customized with a wide range of custom keycaps. Whether you're looking to improve the aesthetics of your workspace or refine the feel under your fingers, custom keycaps are the solution.


Why Choose Custom Keycaps?

Custom keycaps offer much more than just an aesthetic touch. They allow you to change the key profile , adjust the material , and customize the texture , directly affecting your typing experience. Whether you prefer durable PBT, lightweight ABS, or other specialty material, there is a custom keycap to meet your needs.

Variety and Customization

With endless colors, patterns, and themes available, the customization possibilities are virtually limitless. You can opt for complete sets for a complete transformation of your keyboard, or choose individual keys to highlight certain functions or create visual contrast.

Upgrade Your Keyboard in Style

MX custom keycaps are not only functional, they add a unique element of style to your mechanical keyboard. Whether you're looking for a minimalist look, a limited edition, or a completely bespoke design, custom keycaps are a great way to express your personality and make your workspace truly unique.


Keyboard customization goes beyond simple aesthetics. It influences the typing sensation, ergonomics, and overall user experience. MX custom keycaps represent a great opportunity to upgrade your mechanical keyboard, whether for gaming, work, or just for the fun of customization.

Explore the world of custom keycaps and find out how you can improve your typing experience today. Do you want a stylish keyboard in French? Discover our azerty keycaps !

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