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Keycaps ISO EN

For your computer to give you a complete user experience, you need to have good peripherals. Among these peripherals, we find the keyboard (wireless, wired, backlit or not, mechanical, office automation, etc.) which is an essential element.

Custom Ton Clavier offers you exceptional keyboard protectors, especially those with Keycaps. Discover this original collection of ISO FR Keycaps sets to personalize your mechanical keyboard!


Opt for a unique Azerty keyboard with ISO FR Keycaps

Do you know the history of the Azerty layout? I invite you to discover the origin of the term Azerty through our ISO FR Keycaps collection. The word “keycaps” means “keyboard key” in French. You will also find on this page an Artisan Keycaps Azerty at a competitive price. As for Azerty, it corresponds to the arrangement of letters and symbols on your keyboard.

In the United States, Qwerty keyboards are mainly used. On the other hand, the French prefer keyboards with the Azerty layout . The reason for this choice is simple and dates back to the days of typewriters. Researchers have understood that Qwerty keyboards are not optimized for our language. Based on the frequency of use of certain letters, the Azerty layout has been developed and will be considered the French keyboard .

So what does ISO FR mean in “ISO FR Keycaps”? ISO is the layout of the keys on a keyboard, just like ANSI. To tell them apart, just look at the “Enter” key on your keyboard. Unlike the ANSI key which is a small rectangle, the ISO key has a rather particular L shape.

A varied stock of ISO FR Keycaps on Custom Ton Clavier

Thanks to the different colored switches that characterize the ISO FR Keycaps , these products offer you unique sensations. They are compatible with mechanical keyboards, also called mecha keyboards. The key switches on your keyboard actually work independently of each other, which makes them more responsive.

You will find, in the online store, a handmade Keycap set suitable for most mechanical keyboards with Cherry-MX type switches. This very popular line of switches comes in black, red, white, and more. To personalize your keyboard, opt for an ISO FR Keycaps set if you like macros. This type of uniquely designed accessory also provides the keyboard with comfort and a better user experience.

Why is Custom Ton Clavier your best ally?

Mechanical keyboards are used every day for typing, programming, or playing video games. Therefore, your ISO Keycaps set must be as durable as it is aesthetic. The most durable keyboard keys on the market are made of ABS and PBT. ABS is easily customizable and it can be painted. This type of plastic makes it possible to offer ISO Keycaps sets in various colors and styles. As for PBT, it is more solid and offers a heavier appearance.

You can order your quality handcrafted Keycaps set at an affordable price and benefit from fast delivery. Custom Ton Clavier offers its customers unusual products to dress their keyboards in a designer and trendy way. The keys are hand painted for an original style, harmonious colors and perfect finishes.

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