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Keyboard Plate

Available at Custom Ton Clavier, the keyboard plate is a plate that provides a real plus in the feel of the keys on a computer. It is an accessory that is very useful for gamers and many other users. You can get it at an affordable price in our store to improve your mechanical keyboard.


The importance of the keyboard plate

The keyboard plate is present in the construction of most French mechanical keyboards (azerty). Its use has several advantages such as reducing the tension exerted on the printed circuit when the keys are pressed. With a flat one, you can be sure that the switches on your keyboard remain perfectly aligned.

This is a real asset for keyboards that are used intensively for gaming or multimedia software. The plates can also modify the new typing sensations as well as the sound profile of your keys. Depending on the design material, thickness and density, the keyboard plate can improve the flexibility or rigidity of your mechanical keyboard.

Choose a quality keyboard deck with Custom Ton Clavier

Specializing in accessories for mechanical keyboards (mainly azerty), our store offers you high quality keyboard plates to equip your computer. Whether you are a gamer or not, the keyboard plate is a product that improves your typing experience with your keys.

For example, we have in stock a mini black carbon fiber keyboard plate in 40% format. This keyboard plate is compatible with the BM40 PCB, with a thickness of 1.5 mm, MX rod edition. Strong and lightweight, this material can make your mechanical keyboard more durable, easy to carry and more aesthetically pleasing.

Apart from keyboard plates, our store has other accessories such as the Custom Keyboard Case , the keyboard stabilizer , keypacs, etc. The opinions of our customers testify to the quality of products and the service offered by our store. Our prices are also affordable, which allows you to personalize your keyboard as best as possible.

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